The early design and planning stages of any project are just as critical to the deployment of the project plan itself. We closely collaborate with our clients to develop detailed design and concept plans based on your vision and goals for the end product. Budgets are carefully crafted, tracked, refined, and adjusted to meet financing and project needs. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in this area to provide clients options, ideas, and alternative decision making scenarios to give our clients confidence in reaching their project vision and goals.

We want to partner with our clients in the design and planning phase to not only provide the most cost effective project plan but also provide insight in to the latest market trends. We pride ourselves in being current in the latest technology, material inventories, and architectural styles that may assist you in your early project decision making.

We have an engineering practice that is critical to the design and planning phase that delivers client specific civil engineering designs established through continuous customer dialogue to ensure your vision is our vision. BBC guides our clients through planning and design and any challenges that arise through these early stages. Our thought leadership in this area often leads to early identification of any zoning or regulatory challenges that need to be built in to the design phase.

Collaborating with our clients, partners, and staff fosters our creativity and passion for design. Making your vision and your design tangible in a timely and cost effective manner is what separates BBC from the next.

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